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Podcast: The Latte Lounge

Has your body changed since peri or post menopause?

Are you finding that the way you exercise in your 30’s just no longer seems to serve you?

Is this confusing and at times, upsetting? Impacting your self-esteem?

Do you know you should be doing resistance training but have no idea how to start or how to fit it in to an already busy life?

Wondering maybe if you’ve even left it a bit late?

Or confused by what it even is?

… as guest on the ‘Latte Lounge podcast’ - episode recorded June 27th 2023.

👉🏻 I explain what is happening to our bodies in peri and post menopause and why it’s essential we take action now

👉🏻 I debunk some training myths and allay some fears

👉🏻 Share practical advice that you can action in a step by step, achievable way.

And more!

➡️ Search ‘The Latte Lounge podcast’ on your favourite podcast player

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