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Technique Masterclasses

Do you know you want to start strength training but just aren’t sure how to do it safely and correctly? 

Or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while but want to get an expert to check your form? 

Perhaps you’re not getting the results you hoped for doing it on your own?

My Technique Masterclass:

These Technique Masterclasses may be a great alternative to my full 12-week programmes.

Each Masterclass will provide you with bespoke 1-2-1 instruction over Zoom. Focusing on the technique of key resistance training exercises, we will build your confidence in then performing these correctly and effectively, be that at home or in a gym setting.

Each 45-minute session starts with a short warm-up and then we dive straight into the exercises.


With your prior permission, classes can be recorded and then shared with you, so providing a future resource to refer to if needed.


Suitable whether you're a complete beginner to resistance training or more advanced, wanting to check your form with an expert.

Why might you get more from a package of 5 rather than of 3?

5 sessions gives you the opportunity to have 3 classes solely focused on your technique with the 4th as a full workout, putting into practice what you've learnt and really experiencing just how hard to work.

Then the 5th session we meet over Zoom to discuss how you can create a fitness routine that is going to work for you going forward. Perhaps you just aren’t sure whether to join a gym, invest in home equipment, follow a Youtube account or more? It can be a little overwhelming, so I can help you plan for the future. Alternatively, this 5th session can also be a 45 minute work out.

These sessions are stand-alone sessions. If you are after more holistic support, guidance and accountability then perhaps my 12-week programme ‘Forever Lifestyle’ is more suitable. 

Book in a free consultation call with me and we can discuss what's going to work best for you.

And just so you know, I never 'sell up': I'm only interested in understanding your goals, helping you achieve them and adding value. 

If I feel I am not the right Personal Trainer for you - (which doesn’t happen very often) I’ll be honest and say so, And then try and find you someone who is! 

The cost:

3 sessions of 45 mins = £235

5 sessions = £369

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