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Your Future Fit Yellow Cut Through

And in case you’re wondering;

What kind of trainer am I?

Will I understand you?

Challenge you but just enough?

Do I really add value?
Then don't take my word for it...

Ally, 48

Goal:  To gain more strength and feel better in my body

Your Future Fit Background

Emma, 54

Goal: To become physically and mentally stronger

Anna, 53

Goal: To learn technique and reboot my exercise regime

Your Future Fit Background

Kelly, 51

Goal: Learn technique, lose weight and feel stronger

Suzanne, 49

Goal: To develop lean muscle and a stronger core

Your Future Fit Background

Rhoula, 42

Goal: Lose weight and kickstart my fitness

Melissa, 52

Goal: To feel stronger, healthier and more confident about being older (fitting into skinny jeans again and having nice arms – a bonus! )

“Kate gave me my joy and confidence back"
"Every session she smiles, supports, pushes and congratulates."
“Lost 42cm, gained muscle, definition and am back in a bikini!”

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