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Client Testimonial - Melissa

Don't take my word for it! Hear how Melissa's experience with the 12-Week Programme has positively transformed here life.

I hit menopause hard during 2020, and it was hard to tell whether the anxiety, insomnia and brain fog were solely due to that, or just a side effect of all the stress and uncertainly of that time. I was dealing with an insane increase in workload, home schooling a 9 year old who, it was clear, was (at that point) undiagnosed high-functioning autistic/adhd…and the idea of finding time to exercise or look after myself in any way seemed ridiculous. I was also taking medication for chronic migraines, which had started while my son was small - and just getting through each week felt like an achievement.

I finally got some HRT a year ago and changed jobs at the start of summer 2022 and decided to use the bonus I got on completing the probationary period on working with Kate. As the brain fog cleared and my son’s diagnosis lifted some of the panic and confusion, I realised that if I wanted to have the kind of dynamic, hope-filled ‘third age’ I’d like to have, I’d need to make some big changes in how I looked after myself. I was aware that doing the odd bit of yoga and a weekly swim wouldn’t be enough to offset osteoporosis and general decline. I’d been following Kate on Instagram for a while and was struck by how achievable, sustainable and fun her approach looked.

I worked with Kate for 12 weeks and the difference it’s made is incredible. My goals were mainly sensible aspirations to feel stronger and more confident about going into my later years - less afraid of falling over and shattering like a glass! I hadn’t expected to experience a sea change in how I view myself and my future. I have a (fun!) goal for when I turn 60 in 7 years! I’m planning to join the elders’ company at Sadlers Wells. This is pretty incredible, considering I gave up regular dance practice when I was 18. But as my strength returned my confidence did too, and I took up dancing again. I sleep better, and am dealing with stress better. I used to joke that I had no willpower to exercise so had to pay someone to make me do it. But I’m confident I’ll keep this up because the programme Kate designed for me is realistic - I can, and do, squeeze in exercise in even the most frenetic weeks. But more importantly it no longer feels like a ‘should’. I want to do it, because I feel so much better when I commit to taking care of myself like this.

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