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Podcast: Real Menopause Talk

Ever stripped down to your bra and had to run into the garden for air because the heat in your body was suddenly unbearable? In the depths of Winter?

Or gone from tears to rage, to telling anyone who’ll listen that you love them – all in the space of 10 minutes?

That was me as I headed towards 50 with no clue it was actually peri menopause.

I was kindly invited by the lovely Hatty to be a guest on her podcast, REAL MENOPAUSE TALK, to share some of my own experience of peri menopause; how it’s affected me, how I manage my symptoms and my advice as a Personal Trainer for others in the same boat.

We also have a great chat about weight management in menopause, the relationship between our mental health and the bathroom scales. And what really works.

⁠I share my own relationship with ambition and passion – and how I balance the two.

Download REAL MENOPAUSE TALK Episode 83 wherever you get your podcasts from.

And please leave a review as this is what will ultimately help Hatty keep the podcast going, potentially helping other menopausal women feel in touch and less alone.

And give a follow to @realmenopausetalk too!

Please drop me a comment below here too if you ARE gonna listen, HAVE listened, or have any questions about anything raised.

I really do want to help so please feel comfortable reaching out.

Kate xx

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