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Podcast: The Second Chapter

This is a first and something I never expected to say 2 years ago before leaving HR and becoming a Personal Trainer, aged 50.

To leave a solid 25-year career behind and retrain is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

And I have peri menopause to thank for everything coming together at the right time.

Kristin Duffy, the host of ‘The Second Chapter’ podcast kindly invited me to be her guest so she could dig a bit deeper into why I’ve made the choices I have - in the hope (she tells me!) that it inspires others.

And boy, she’s GOOD at getting the deeper info out!

Here I share some of the more personal reasons behind what’s shaped me and my passion for exercise, particularly on the mental health side, and Kristin has the knack of a great interviewer & made me feel comfortable talking about my past. I admit I feel a bit vulnerable knowing it’s out there but l hope it may help others who listen.

You can find the podcast here.

And make sure to follow @the_second_chapter_podcast who has so many inspiring stories of women who have made significant life or career changes post 35.

Hope you enjoy it!

And if anything resonates, hits home or just provokes a question for me, please comment below ⬇️ or message me.

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