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My interview with Platinum Magazine


What a way to start 2024!

Here I am featured in the popular magazine, Platinum! A fantastic magazine for women our age who don’t want to become invisible, but want to live their best lives!

The feature is about my change of career after 25 years in HR and I hope it’s an inspiring read.

I started my business as a Personal Trainer just 3 years ago along with my Instagram account; both with the mantra ‘what’s the best that can happen?’

And here I am at over 50,000 followers (still can’t quite believe that!) and featured in a proper magazine! I honestly never anticipated either and feel very lucky and somewhat proud.

Thank you for coming along for the ride, following me, sharing my posts, all your messages of support.

And thank you @themenopauseguineapig for interviewing me and writing this fantastic feature and @platinummaguk for the opportunity!

I would love you to go buy the magazine. It feels good to read one aimed at women in midlife for a change!

And if you’re starting 2024 with an idea of making a change in your life, then please really think what’s the best that can happen and go for it!

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